Koba Corporation has been producing a wide array of plastic containers and accessory products for the horticultural industry since 1966. Our guiding philosophy has always been to offer the “most value for the dollar”. And to us, value is the optimum balance of quality and price, with very personalized service.

We manufacture all the products we sell. There are no middlemen. Therefore, prices can be kept low – and inquiries as to availability, pricing and delivery can be answered promptly. Shipments are made from our warehouse.

Focused attention on serving our customers extends to all aspects of what we do. From initial contact, to supplying samples, to follow up calls to make certain customer instructions have been followed precisely. Our internal order tracking can tell us the exact status of your order.

Our modern 65,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest production machinery – including computer controlled, high pressure plastic injection molders. Operators are well trained and experienced, so equipment is utilized to its full capability. The result is maximum productivity and efficiency.

Products are produced primarily from polypropylene, but capabilities also encompass polystyrene and polyethylene. In addition, to gain the benefits of recycling, regrind is blended with high grade raw materials.

New Products:

We’ve always done our part to anticipate industry needs and develop products to meet those needs. This has resulted in a competitive advantage for us as well as for our customers.

Some of our innovations …
  • Special additives that virtually eliminate brittleness and enhance flexibility.
  • Rounded (versus square) lip edges on baskets to increase overall strength.
  • Basket hangers with an exclusive push thru “on-off” clip design to ensure optimum positioning and fast assembly.
  • Unique one-piece plant support rings that add both functionality and sales appeal.
  • In-house labeling (UPC bar coding, care tags, custom labels) to help customers reduce overhead costs.

In-house tooling capabilities. We produce our own molds for both standard and custom products. This affords us total control of quality-and a high degree of design flexibility, so we’re able to translate ideas into products that fully meet expectations.

Comprehensive quality control. Monitoring quality is key to our success. To this end we have implemented QC procedures at each step in the process from inspection of incoming raw materials, through injection molding, finishing and packaging operations. Our quality control also requires a “sign off” by every operator after each step, to ensure that work has been completed to the level required.

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